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Dealing with coronavirus

The Counselling Centre is still there for you – especially during the current coronavirus crisis! Counselling is currently available online, by phone or on site (Erlachstrasse 17). 

Support from the Universities of Bern Counselling Centre

We will support you with crises, fears, depressive moods, difficulties with the home office, social isolation, conflicts and questions of personal development, planning your career path and professional cooperation. Our counselling services are free of charge and confidential. Please also see the below link to our counselling services as well as our general suggestions for strengthening well-being.

Appointments for all forms of consultation must be made in advance by calling the administrative office during office hours. For on-site appointments, please observe the generally applicable coronavirus protection measures.

  • Counselling services (overview)

  • Strengthen your well-being (overview)

Information from the Universities of Bern

University of Bern

The University of Bern's website provides tips on self-organisation, dealing with domestic isolation and the home office, as well as various other offers of assistance:

Bern University of Applied Sciences

The BFH website offers information on the effects of the coronavirus on university operations and on measures taken by the BFH:


PHBern's information on dealing with the coronavirus can be found on the following webpage:

Specific services for dealing with the coronavirus crisis

«dureschnufe» platform

This platform is a joint product of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), Health Promotion Switzerland and other important players in the health sector. It offers numerous tips on how to take care of your mental health in these coronavirus times – including tips specifically for students:

Psychological support services of the FSP

On the website of the Federation of Swiss Psychologists FSP you will find a list of various offers and contact points:

Self-help Switzerland

These self-help groups are moderated by staff and/or affected persons and do not constitute a medical or therapeutic counselling service. The meetings take place online and are free of charge. There is a coronavirus video self-help group and other video self-help groups:

ROCO self-help programme

The ROCO self-help programme is a service to combat psychological stress related to COVID-19. It is part of a study conducted by the Psychological Institute of the University of Bern. Participation involves completing a 3-week online self-help programme and four online questionnaires:

Spiritual and religious support

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