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Further training

Are you planning your future career and looking for a suitable further training course? A variety of continuing education qualifications can be pursued at the universities. You can find an overview of information on the relevant courses here.

Universities of Bern

Are you looking specifically for further training at the Universities of Bern, the Bern University of Applied Sciences or the Bern University of Teacher Education? You can check the relevant continuing education offers here:


A brief description of the various forms of further training can be found on the Swiss information portal for vocational, academic and professional counselling, berufsberatung.ch. It deals with questions about apprenticeships, professions, education and training:

The entire range of further training offered by Swiss universities can be found in the database of swissuniversities, the umbrella organisation of Swiss universities:

You can discover the further training programmes offered by the Swiss universities, the Federal Institutes of Technology and the University of Liechtenstein on the Swissuni database:

The WEBpalette platform lists further training programmes for teachers at all levels of education:

  • Academic career

  • Planning your studies (overview)

  • Professional reorientation

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