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Study guidance

Each phase of your studies presents its own specific challenges: choosing a course of study, deciding on a suitable degree or preparing to enter professional life. We are happy to help you with the relevant questions, uncertainties or difficulties – confidentially and free of charge.

Our area of responsibility

The Counselling Centre of the Universities of Bern is responsible for counselling enrolled students and employees of the University of Bern, the Bern University of Applied Sciences and the Bern University of Teacher Education as well as the PH Institute NMS Bern.

If you do not belong to this group of people, but need advice on your studies, your profession or your career, it is best to contact the Careers Advisory and Information Service (BIZ) of the Canton of Bern:

Our services

Our counselling team consists of psychologists from various disciplines – including vocational, academic and career counselling. We provide support in the following areas of your studies, among others:

  • Changing your subject or combination of subjects 
  • Clarification of your personal requirements, interests and competences
  • Development of your career goals
  • Decision-making processes
  • Searching for relevant information

Course guidance at the universities of Bern

You can obtain information on specific study programmes from the course advisors at the institutes of the universities. It is essential that you consult the FAQs on the webpages of the institutes beforehand. You may find answers to your questions there. The course guidance service also provides information on the following topics:

  • Curriculum
  • Study regulations
  • Recognition of achievements
  • Registration for examinations
  • Extension of study time

Questions about registration, admission and enrolment

Further information and support

Are you generally unsure whether or not you would like to start a degree course? If so, please consult our «Alternatives to studying» webpage below for information on options such as a shortened vocational apprenticeship, on-the-job training or the possibilities with a baccalaureate from a grammar school or a technical/vocational baccalaureate. Please also take a look at our website on other topics in the area of vocational, study and career guidance. 

  • Choosing a course of study and a profession (overview) 

  • Alternatives to studying

  • Counselling on career and professional path

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