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Are you affected by discrimination? We will support you in the event of existing discrimination or suspicion of discrimination – be it in your studies or at your place of work at the universities of Bern.

How is discrimination defined?

Discrimination is defined as statements and actions that disparage or disadvantage students or employees. This can happen on the basis of one or more personal characteristics, such as:

  • Age
  • Religion
  • Skin colour
  • Gender
  • Origin / nationality
  • Disability
  • Sexual identity
  • Political persuasion

The principle of equal treatment is violated when a person is treated unequally because of personal characteristics – compared to another person in a comparable situation – and this leads to degradation and exclusion. 

What forms does discrimination take?

Discrimination occurs in different forms and contexts, e.g. directly or indirectly or structurally and institutionally. The platform humanrights.ch provides an overview on this. The website also provides further useful information on the topic of discrimination, e.g. on the legal situation in Switzerland:

The universities are fundamentally and firmly committed to a non-discriminatory environment for their students and staff. Nevertheless, discrimination can of course also occur at universities and manifest itself in various forms. If a university is also a workplace, discrimination can occur in particular in connection with the following issues:

  • Employment
  • Allocation of tasks
  • Organisation of working conditions
  • Remuneration
  • Training or further education
  • Promotion
  • Dismissal

Contact points and specialised bodies in the event of discrimination

Information on the topic of discrimination and the responsible contact points can be found on the homepage of your respective university:

If you particularly need legal advice on how to deal with discrimination, we recommend that you contact the relevant specialist offices directly. We have compiled the relevant information and addresses on the subject on our webpage «Legal advice». You will find the relevant link below. 

  • Legal advice

Our counselling and support

If you are studying or working at one of the universities in Bern and primarily need psychological support in the event of existing discrimination or the suspicion thereof, we are happy to be of assistance – confidentially and free of charge.

Further Information

Further information on the topics of harassment, bullying and a good working atmosphere can be found on the following websites:

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