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Legal advice

Do you have a legal question relating to your studies or work at a Universities of Bern? Or do you need relevant legal advice and support? We do not offer legal advice, but can provide some helpful information and relevant links to the relevant offices.

University of Bern

Bern University of Applied Sciences

At the Bern University of Applied Sciences, Legal Services report to the General Secretariat of the President’s Office. It is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Maintenance of the BFH legal collection
  • Examination of contracts and agreements
  • Drawing up enforcement regulations for the BFH
  • Drafting appeals in cooperation with the departments
  • Advising and supporting all units of the BFH in all legal matters relating to the university
  • Collaboration in projects

Further information can be found on the website of the Bern University of Applied Sciences (only in German):

Bern University of Teacher Education

Legal Services of the University of Teacher Education Bern is subordinate to the President’s Office. It is responsible, among other things, for:

  • Supporting and advising the President’s Office and the School Management of the PHBern in all legal matters
  • Drawing up regulations and other legal bases of the PHBern
  • Drawing up documents for consultation and advisory purposes
  • Supporting and advising the President’s Office in legal proceedings

Legal Services holds a consultation hour for PHBern staff every Wednesday from 11.00–12.00 at Fabrikstrasse 8 in room D 337 or via MS Teams. The principle of «first come, first served» applies. You can find more information about Legal Services and the PHBern legal collection online (only in German):

Legal information offices of the city of Bern

Various offices in the city of Bern that offer legal information free of charge or for a contribution towards costs (max. CHF 50.00) are compiled in a brochure:

Our counselling and support

We at the Counselling Centre of the Universities of Bern do not offer legal advice.

However, if you are studying or working at a Universities of Bern and are affected by conflicts, bullying, discrimination and/or (sexual) harassment, we are happy to assist you with psychological counselling, mediation or conflict resolution. We will support you in your personal processing of corresponding situations and experiences and plan the next steps with you – free of charge and confidentially.

  • Counselling services (overview) 

  • Conflicts and bullying

  • Sexual harassment

  • Discrimination

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