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Leadership coaching

As a manager at one of the Universities of Bern, you have the opportunity to take advantage of free leadership coaching. We will support you in reflecting on and further developing your leadership role.

Possible reasons for leadership coaching

  • Taking on a leadership role
  • Finding your personal leadership role
  • Reflection on everyday professional actions 
  • Support in difficult work situations 
  • Support in the development of leadership skills
  • Promoting health, avoiding stress and preventing burnout 

Examples of specific questions

  • How can I distribute the workload fairly among my staff?
  • How can I, as a team leader, encourage disputing employees to work together constructively?
  • What can I do as a supervisor to get along better with an employee?
  • How can I, as a supervisor, better deal with my own stresses? 

Is this something for you?

Are you interested? Do you have further questions? For more information on leadership coaching, please contact us. Appointments can be made by telephone.

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