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Psychological counselling

Our team offers psychological counselling to students and employees of the Universities of Bern. We are happy to support you, for example, in dealing with stressful situations and crises, in promoting problem-solving skills or in improving your quality of life.

«Sometimes in life you need help. Strength is being able to accept it.»
Stefan Gubser, Actor and Producer

Our services

Our counselling team consists of psychologists from various disciplines – including psychotherapy. During a personal counselling session, we are happy to address your individual concerns and offer support in, among others, the following areas:

  • Personal development
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-management
  • Relaxation
  • Anxiety
  • Crises, depressive moods

We can also help you find external support, depending on the complexity of the concern and the workload of the office.  

Possible concerns of students

  • «This is not how I imagined studying. With all the lectures and seminar papers, the part-time job and the exam preparations, I can't fall asleep in the evenings and feel totally exhausted and drained.»
  • «How do I tell my parents that I want to drop out of medical school?»
  • «Since my girlfriend broke up with me, I feel totally down.»
  • «I hardly dare to say what bothers me in the shared flat and always put my needs on the back burner.»
  • «For days I've been feeling listless and joyless, so I can't make it to lectures, even though I basically like my studies.»

Possible concerns of staff

  • «Strong doubts about whether I am up to the new role are taking an extreme toll on my energy».
  • «I am afraid to ask my boss for a reduction in my workload».
  • «The constant conflicts in my relationship mean that I can hardly concentrate at work».
  • «I am pregnant and have great fears about the future because of my fixed-term employment contract.»
  • «How can I make sure that my own needs are not neglected in addition to my job, conference attendance, children and relationship?»

Further counselling and support

We offer a wide range of counselling services in addition to psychological counselling. Please see the link below for an overview of our various counselling services. 

  • Counselling services (overview)

  • Psyche + well-being (overview) 

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