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Your application file is your calling card and makes an important first impression. Below you will find useful hints and tips on how to prepare your application.


The form and content of your file are crucial if you are to arouse interest in yourself and be invited for a job interview. That is why you should take the time to create your personal application documents! An application file usually contains the following documents:

  • Cover sheet (optional)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Letter of motivation
  • Enclosures (study diplomas, work references, language and other diplomas)

There are numerous guides that can help you create an application file. They contain, for example, examples of CVs or sector-specific letters of motivation. They also offer advice on how to highlight your specialized / transferable skills and experience. You can also create a competence profile to prepare yourself.

Curriculum Vitae and Letter of Motivation

The curriculum vitae is often also called the CV. In Latin «Curriculum Vitae » means «Course of Life». The motivation letter is sometimes also called «cover letter».


Enclosures should include documents proving your education and experience.

Unsolicited application

You can either apply for an advertised position or send an unsolicited application to the company of your choice. An unsolicited application is also called a «spontaneous application» or «blind application» and has the advantage that you do not have any fellow applicants. Since you cannot refer to a job advertisement, you should direct your application to a specific function if possible.

Application in English

If you are applying to a company in Switzerland in English, you can translate your application directly into English (without having to follow specific requirements). When applying in English-speaking countries, it is important to observe the application standards of the country in question, as these vary from country to country.

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  • Career path and professional life (overview)

  • Counselling services (overview) 

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