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Do you suffer from anxiety or do you notice that anxiety becomes a problem for you in certain areas of life or situations? Are you unsure what triggers this queasy feeling in you or do you need support with specific questions? Here you can find out more about this topic.

To a certain extent, fear is part of our lives. In fact, without it, humanity would probably cease to exist. It can trigger a lightning-fast fight-or-flight response that is vital for survival and avert a potential danger. Or it can at least warn us of dangerous situations. However, it can also happen that our fears go beyond a certain «normal» fear and lead to a strong pressure of suffering and a restriction in everyday life.

This may involve the following fears, for example:

  • fear of exams
  • fear of failure
  • learning or writing block
  • fear of crowds
  • fear of speaking

Fears and anxiety disorders can limit our everyday life and our life to a great extent. But fortunately anxiety disorders can usually be treated successfully.

The following video explains anxiety and compulsion in a light-hearted way (in German): 

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Do you suffer from anxiety that interferes with your daily life? Then contact us for a free and confidential initial counselling session.

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