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Foundations and funds

Are you struggling to finance your studies? Then you may be able to find support from a foundation or fund. If you have acute financial problems and need help quickly, consult our webpage «Financial emergencies».

The aim of a foundation is a longer-term financial commitment to a specific charitable purpose. Foundations, for example, support educational programs or are committed to research into rare diseases.

Funds also serve a charitable purpose, but unlike foundations, they are not designed for the long term. There are several different types of funds. Generally speaking, a fund is a special asset that is available for a specific purpose.

General Information

If you meet certain conditions, you can receive a scholarship or a loan from the Canton of Bern or your municipality of residence or home. If you do not meet the relevant conditions and the authorities do not grant any education subsidies, you have the following options:

  • Contact your particular university. It can support students in a financial emergency with an emergency fund. Or, in very specific cases, it may grant students a partial or full waiver of tuition fees. At the University of Bern, it is only possible to have the increase in tuition fees waived if the student exceeds the regular duration of studies. You can find out more about this on our website under the section «Financial emergencies».

  • Check the support offered by foundations and funds. Below you will find general institutions or organisations that may be able to provide you with financial support. You will also find information on foundations and funds specific to higher education institutions.

Foundations and funds

University of Bern

Bern University of Applied Sciences

Bern University of Teacher Education

Information on financial support for your studies at the PHBern can be found on the webpage of the university. Look for the keyword «Sozialkasse»:

Are you struggling with the question of how to finance your studies and your livelihood? We offer free and confidential psychological counselling sessions to help you develop suitable solution strategies.

We will discuss your financial difficulties in the context of your overall study and life situation. Furthermore, we will support you in developing appropriate solution strategies and preparing the next steps.

We do not offer financial support or professional advice for obtaining scholarships, loans, foundation or fund money.

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