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Financial emergencies

Are you facing an acute financial emergency? Find out here where you can get quick help, but also longer-term support and savings options.

General Information

Important: at the Counselling Centre of the Universities of Bern we offer free psychological counselling, however we do not provide financial support for students in economic distress.

We will support you in dealing with a stressful financial situation and in developing appropriate solution strategies. However, if you primarily need financial help, we advise you to contact the relevant specialist and counselling offices directly. Below you will find an overview of the most important contact points and information on the topic.

Emergency aid from the Social Welfare Office

If you are experiencing an acute economic emergency, contact the social welfare office in your place of residence. According to the Federal Constitution, people living in Switzerland are entitled to emergency financial assistance. The Social Welfare Office also offers social counselling. Information on social assistance in the Canton of Bern can be found here:

Waiver of tuition fees

Some Swiss universities grant students who are in a financial emergency a partial or full refund of their semester fees. Students in difficult financial situations must submit a request for this. Please enquire at your university.

Further support and savings options

Is your financial situation permanently strained? Do you need help – especially in the long term – to solve your money problems? Use the information below to find out whether you or your parents can benefit from reduced premiums or family allowances You can also check out our selection of practical tips on how to save money.

But above all, we recommend that you take a look at the collection of links below on the subject of financing your studies. For example, are you eligible for scholarships or loans? Or are you wondering how you can create a budget to get a better grip on your living costs? You will find answers and more comprehensive information on these questions on our related webpages.

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