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Group counselling and team development

Do you and your fellow students or colleagues have insecurities in similar situations? Would you and your team like to improve something in your cooperation? We can support you in finding solutions together.

Group counselling sessions

In group counselling sessions we support several students or employees with related concerns in finding solutions. They are more time-efficient than individual counselling sessions and offer the opportunity for joint reflection and an exchange of experiences within the group.

Examples of group counselling sessions

  • Topic-related group counselling (e.g. exam nerves, learning strategies)
  • Self-awareness groups on personal topics (e.g. self-esteem)
  • Exchange between doctoral students regarding the supervision of students
  • Dissatisfaction with management, development of strategies for action 

Team development

Team development aims to improve cooperation and relationships within a team. A well-functioning team is more productive, more efficient and has more fun at work.

Examples of team development

  • Improving communication within the team
  • Improving procedures and processes in the team
  • Clarifying the roles and tasks of team members
  • Promoting the social skills of team members
  • Jointly identifying and overcoming problems on the factual and relationship level 
  • Counselling services (overview) 

  • Mediation and conflict resolution

  • Conflicts and mobbing

  • Equal opportunities and diversity (overview) 

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