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Mediation and conflict resolution

Are you affected by a conflict in your studies, at work or in your private life? We offer mediation and conflict resolution assistance to students and employees of the Universities of Bern and support both individuals and groups – confidentially and free of charge.


It is perfectly normal and also unavoidable that sooner or later differences of opinion or even conflicts arise where people live, work or study together. This also comes from the different experiences, perceptions, expectations, preconditions, needs, interests and goals that individuals bring with them.

In some situations, however, conflicts can lead to the people concerned being severely impacted, blocked and impeded in their ability to perform and in their personal development, even in the long term. Likewise, they can delay projects or impair the functioning of entire organisations – large or small. If conflicts are not resolved, the longer they last and the higher the level of escalation, the more negative their effects will be, in the case of study or work, on, among other things...

  • cooperation
  • work results
  • the working atmosphere
  • and personal health

Conflicts in private life can also have a strong impact on the people involved. Time and again, relationships between couples, families, friends or neighbours unfortunately suffer or even break down as a result. 

What are the benefits of mediation?

Mediation is a tried and tested procedure in which we, as an independent third party, support the disputing parties in resolving their conflict amicably. During the process, we take into account the interests and needs of all conflicting parties in order to achieve a fair and forward-looking solution for all involved.

We see ourselves as mediators in the process and are responsible for the mediation process, but not for the resolution of the conflict. We also want to help the conflicting parties to understand each other's point of view without having to sacrifice our own. We support and strengthen the parties to focus on their common interests in order to find amicable and constructive solutions.

What are the basic principles we follow?

During mediation we commit ourselves to the following basic principles:

  • Impartiality
  • Neutrality
  • Respect for all participants
  • The voluntary nature of all participation
  • Orientation to the strengths of the conflicting parties
  • Confidentiality

Our mediations are free of charge. You are welcome to register for mediation with our administrative office. 

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