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Job interview

Have you been invited to a job interview? Congratulations! Our tips will help you overcome even those last hurdles in the selection process.

A job interview invitation gives the company the opportunity to get to know you better. But it is also a great opportunity for you:

  • You can get to know the company better.
  • You can select your future employer! So, it is not only the employer who makes a choice. 

Different selection procedures and tools are used depending on the industry and company. The interview is the most frequently used tool.


You have an interesting application file and your qualifications, which you were able to state in your CV, match the job's requirement profile. That is why you have been invited for an interview. Nonetheless, you are still not sure of the job. To prepare yourself, you should think about the following points:

During the job interview

Good preparation will help you appear calmer and more competent during the interview. Below are some tips for appearing positive during the job interview.

A job interview is not an everyday situation. So it is perfectly normal for you to feel nervous, even though you have prepared well. In order to stay as calm and composed as possible during the interview, it can be useful to learn stress management techniques in advance.

Other selection elements (assessments)

Some companies ask applicants to perform additional tasks in addition to just getting to know each other during the interview. These so-called selection elements (assessments) can be quite different, for example, a presentation task, a technical task or a test.

  • How would you present project XY to the management?
  • Write a letter or a statement on the subject of XY.
  • Complete the XY personality test.

More information on selection elements and assessments can be found at:


The follow-up of the job interview is at the same time the preparation for the next job interview. No matter whether you apply again to the same company or to other companies: a follow-up is certainly useful and instructive. To evaluate the interview, answer the following questions for yourself:

  • Do you now have a definite idea of the job and the tasks?
  • What was the atmosphere like during the interview?
  • What went well for you in the interview? What was less successful?
  • Were you adequately prepared or what was missing?

Thank them again for the interview by e-mail and confirm your interest. If you are turned down: Inquire in a friendly manner about the reasons for the rejection and ask for feedback on what you can improve for the next interview. We wish you every success! 

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