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Do you sometimes find it difficult to organise and structure your everyday study or work life independently – especially in a home office? Do you get stressed easily? Do you get distracted? We will give you some tips on how you can improve your self-organisation.

The challenges of distance learning and the home office

Distance-Learning for students

In itself, a degree program places great demands on students' independence and self-organisation. Distance learning, which has become strongly established as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, has increased these demands even more. Distance learning can also be expected to remain an integral part of the lecture program at universities in the longer term due to increasing digitalisation.

This has far-reaching consequences for everyday study life. The decline in face-to-face lectures generally means that study-related and social exchange opportunities are also decreasing. There is an increasing lack of fixed structures, rules and orientation points that can help students organise their daily study routine. Many students find it difficult to cope with this situation and feel somewhat lost. Therefore, there is a need to develop self-management skills and a corresponding mindset. They are more important than ever for studying at a university.

Home office for staff members

For employees, too, the increasing trend towards home office and digitalisation has an impact on everyday working life. Opportunities for direct social exchange are decreasing or even disappearing altogether. Whether it’s the short consultation with your colleague in the office next door, the uncomplicated informal consultation with your superior, a short chat over a cup of coffee or even the inspiration derived from a motivating team discussion. These are not just things you may miss in purely personal terms, but the lack can also make it difficult to organise yourself on the job.

We would like to give you some tips and input for the special challenges of distance learning or the home office below:

Self-organisation in the home office: 10 tips

Further information and videos

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