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Managing your time

Do you sometimes struggle with planning your working time efficiently in your course of study or at your job? Or do you easily get into a time crunch when preparing for exams or writing papers? We will give you tips on how to get a grip on your time management and set your priorities correctly.

General tips

Start off by watching our YouTube video on the topic of «Managing your time». In it, we give you a few simple tips on how to use and plan your time efficiently:

The video discusses how a weekly schedule can be helpful in managing your time. Use our example of a weekly schedule as a guide or use our template:

Apart from the use of a weekly schedule, there are other things that are important for efficient time management:

Time planning for exam preparation

Time planning for written work

Further information and videos (in German)

See the webpage links below for other important work techniques that can play a role in time management: «Self-organisation», «Motivation», «Avoiding procrastination» and «Coping with stress».

  • Self-organisation

  • Motivation

  • Avoiding procrastination

  • Coping with stress

You may also find our YouTube videos below on the topics «Efficient time management with a weekly schedule», «Prioritising tasks according to the Eisenhower principle» and «Why breaks are so important» helpful.

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