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Avoiding stress

A certain amount of stress is normal, especially during exams or presentations. Are you feeling burdened by stress and affected in your everyday life? Then read our tips on how to deal with stress or let us give you one-to-one counselling – free of charge and in confidence.

Perceptions of stress and stress factors

Higher, further, faster, better! The demands of study, work and leisure are manifold and seem to be constantly increasing. It's no wonder that many people feel stressed at least some of the time.

We are happy to support you in identifying your stress factors and improving the way you feel – free of charge and confidentially. Please see our counselling services:

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6 tips for coping with stress

A variety of strategies can help you cope better with potential stressful situations and prevent stress symptoms. As far back as the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates urged people to be willing to develop and take personal responsibility: «If you are not willing to change your life, you cannot be helped.» 

There are certainly other starting points for reducing stress, but the most important thing is to take small steps and to think about what is obvious in each case. All the more so when there is a large volume of work to be done. In such situations, trying to achieve things in giant steps is not advisable. It is much more effective to integrate something small into one's everyday life without much additional effort, which relieves the burden.

Books on the topic of stress (in German)

Students are under a lot of pressure: they have to satisfy their own needs, not disappoint their parents, and pass exams at a steady pace. All this takes energy and can lead to burnout if the pressure is too great. Some strategies against burnout are prevention, active self-help and professional support.

«I can't do it» or «I can't do it anymore». Many students encounter such thoughts somewhere in the course of their studies. How to deal with exam anxiety, learning disorders, stress behaviour, social phobias? Practical tips and new perspectives can help you deal with difficult phases more easily. Take the pressure out of exam situations with realistic time planning. Learning that you can't go to work with one hundred percent motivation every day.

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Links on the topic of stress

Please also note our web resources, which can also help in dealing with stress:

In the «General work techniques» section, you will find information and tips on topics such as time management, procrastination or self-organisation.

In the section «Strengthen your well-being» you will find helpful information on topics such as work-life balance, relaxation and exercise or mindfulness and meditation.

The «stressNOstress» website is a service of the Federation of Swiss Psychologists (FSP). This online portal aims to make companies and their employees aware of the risks of increasing stress in their professional and private lives and to offer help in reducing stress: 

Counselling and support

You can get individual advice from us on how to deal with stress better. Our counselling is free and confidential and can be arranged by telephone. Please also see the link below for an overview of our counselling services.

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