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Giving a presentation

Are you looking for helpful tips for your next presentation? Find out here how you can best prepare for your presentation. Learn how to keep your nervousness in check and why it is good to appeal to several sensory channels in your audience.

Dealing with nervousness

Students and professionals are often faced with the task of giving a presentation. Many people associate public speaking with uncomfortable feelings and experiences. Being in an exposed situation can make you quite nervous.

But nervousness is simply part of the job, as your audience knows – usually from their own experience. Practice is the best remedy for nervousness. The following tips and techniques can help you deal with nervousness:

6 tips for competent presenting

Please also note the corresponding YouTube video for each of our 6 tips.

Things that distinguish a good slide layout

  • Title page includes title of presentation, name of speaker, date and location.
  • Give an outline of the presentation so that the audience knows what to expect.
  • Use a standard structure that runs through all the slides.
  • Do not overfill the slides – leave space.
  • Use a uniform font and a maximum of three colours.
  • Do not use ornate fonts - choose legible fonts with a font size of 20 pt. or more.
  • Use a mixture of upper-case and lower-case letters rather than just upper-case letters.
  • Photos and images remain in the audience's memory. Make use of this opportunity!
  • Videos can bring the presentation to life.

You can find more tips for the slide design of your presentation (and for your studies in general) in the book «Start! All about studying– the perfect Swiss study guide for you!»

Claudia Imfeld, Nicole Krättli (2014): «Start! Everything about studying – the perfect Swiss study guide for you!». Beobachter edition (German)

Other resources

You can also get individual advice from us on how to best prepare for a presentation. Our counselling is free and confidential and can be arranged by telephone.

  • Counselling services (overview)

Videos on the 6 tips (in German)

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