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External services

Here you will find a summary of various services that can help with mental health problems.

Important emergency contacts

Services for mental health problems

Sexual violence

Online therapy services

Services for couples and families

Help for the immediate family

Difference between psychology, psychotherapy and psychiatry

Our team at the Universities of Bern Counselling Centre is made up of psychologists from various disciplines, from the fields of study and career counselling as well as psychotherapy.

Psychologists have completed a five-year psychology degree. In their Master's degree, they have (for the most part) specialised in one area, e.g. clinical and health psychology, social psychology, neuropsychology, cognitive psychology, occupational and organisational psychology, etc.

Many psychologists who have specialised in clinical and health psychology go on to complete in-service training to become psychotherapists (again, there are different schools of therapy).

Psychiatrists have studied human medicine for six years and then complete in-service training to become medical specialists in psychiatry and psychotherapy.

  • Because of his or her medical background, a psychiatrist also prescribes psychotropic drugs if necessary and desired.
  • Psychotherapists are not allowed to do this.
  • Counselling services (overview)

  • Strengthen your well-being (overview)

  • Avoiding stress

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