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Gender and sexual diversity

People differ in terms of their body gender, gender identity (perceived gender), gender expression and sexual orientation. Here you can find more comprehensive information on the topic and on organisations that advocate for the relevant issues.

The website and the video of the project «Interventions for Gender and Sexual Diversity» of the German Education, Counselling and Research Institute «Dissens»  provide an insight into the topic of gender and sexual diversity:

Meaning of LGBTQIA+

LGBTQIA people represent part of gender and sexual diversity. The term LGBTQIA is an abbreviation (acronym) originating from English. The letters stand for the first letters of:

  • Lesbian 
  • Gay 
  • Bisexual 
  • Transgender 
  • Queer/Questioning
  • Intersex
  • Asexual

This abbreviation changes depending on the underlying language. In addition, it is sometimes supplemented by an asterisk (*) or a plus (+) to express diversity and extensibility.

Helpful information

If you are looking for helpful information on the topic of LGBTQIA+ in the university environment, the website of the Student Association of the University of Bern (SUB) can help you. There you will find useful tips and advice on everyday university life, information on changing your name and registering your gender, as well as various further links:

Our counselling and support

Finding a personal path in gender and sexual diversity can open up new experiences, evoke previously unknown feelings and thoughts, but also lead to uncertainty. Due to the widespread assumption of binary gender and heterosexual orientation, LGBTIQ people also repeatedly experience degradation and exclusion.

At the Counselling Centre of the Universities of Bern, we are happy to support you within the framework of individual counselling – confidentially and free of charge. We are here to help you with your personal identity search, the challenges associated with it or even with discriminatory experiences.

Please also see our website below for further topics that could be of interest to you.

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  • Discrimination

  • Legal advice

Explanatory video (in German)

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