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Start of studies

Does the phase around the start of your studies seem like a particularly intense and challenging time to you? You are certainly not alone in having this impression! You can find helpful information on the topic here.

If you are not only looking forward to the start of your new study life, but are also having ambivalent feelings, this is absolutely normal! The start of your studies is a big step and can certainly be unsettling and raise questions. Have I done all the organisational work and registered correctly? What should I do if there is an overlap between courses in the major and minor? What does my study plan look like and how should I put together my timetable?

Maybe you are also unsure whether you can cope with the new demands of everyday university life. Or you may be struggling to find your way around in everyday student life, to finance your new life or to make contacts.

General Information

In the study guide of the University of Bern, we address common questions that may arise when you start your studies and provide numerous tips. These should also be helpful for students of the Bern University of Applied Sciences and the Bern University of Teacher Education. There is little fundamental difference between their situation at the beginning of their studies and that of students at the University.

If you have any subject-specific questions, it is best to contact the academic advisor at your institute directly. The contact persons can be found on the department website for your field of study.

Information from the Universities of Bern

University of Bern

You can find the websites of the University of Bern on the Bachelor's level information days and on a brochure about the Bachelor's degree programme here:

Bern University of Applied Sciences

You can find out more about the different courses of study and the requirements and opportunities for studying at the Bern University of Applied Sciences here:

Please also note the links below to our webpages Study organisation, Financing your studies and Strengthen your well-being. They should be particularly helpful when you start your studies:

Bern University of Teacher Education

General information from the PHBern on the Bachelor's degree programme as well as on commencement day can be found here:

Counselling and support

If you need further information or support for the start of your studies, you can take advantage of our free counselling service. We will help you clarify any unanswered questions and deal with any initial uncertainties and fears. During the first week of the semester, we also offer short counselling sessions on site at the Counselling Centre (no advance registration necessary).

  • Study organisation (overview) 

  • Financing your studies (overview)

  • Strengthen your well-being (overview)

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